Baby Carrier Roundup



I love my baby carriers. I have 3 different kinds and use them all depending upon what I’m doing!

1. The Ergo is great for hiking, farmer’s market going, or any time when I’m going to be walking around a lot and know I won’t be taking her in and out frequently.

2. I have a homemade wrap, but this one from Solly Baby is beautiful! I use the wrap for things like grocery shopping, or errand running. It’s comfortable to wear her in for a decent amount of time, is good for times when I’ll be running in and out of the car because I can wear my seat belt over it, and its fairly easy to get her in and out of. (I also love this one for nursing in!)

3. The sling is good for quick trips. Mine is also homemade, but I love this one from wildbird. Because the weight is over one shoulder, I can’t carry her around in it for extended periods of time. But it’s great when I’m clothes shopping because she goes in and out of it so easily. I also use the ring sling around the house when she’s being fussy and I’ve got chores to do!
What’s your favorite carrier?

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