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January In Review


Sadie and I started working through a preschool curriculum to give our days some structure (The Peaceful Preschool if you’re in the market). It involves lots of reading and watercolor time, her favorites. She asks to “do school” approximately 100 times a day.





Our winter has been pretty mild this year and we were able to have some fire time. Isaiah’s first.



“ Road trip. Road trip. Road trip.” To Idaho. And we popped into Montana just because. Sadie went skiing for the first time! She was scared to try, after falling into the snow near the lodge, but a bowl of Mac-n-cheese convinced her to try. She loved it!






Isaiah turned four months old on our trip. He also started rolling! From back to tummy, grabbed his paci, and back to his tummy! He rolled a few more times on our trip, but hasn’t done it again since we got back home. FCD4B279-BC57-46FA-A4D0-74068B839462

A Day Date on Bainbridge

things to do on bainbridge island

Saturday, we dropped the baby off with family and had our first real date in 5+ months. It was so refreshing and fun, albeit terrifying. 

We woke up early and bussed into downtown for coffee and a quick stop at the market for flowers. After taking the quick ferry ride over to Bainbridge, we dropped Sadie off and headed out. 
First up, brunch at Cafe Nola. We’ve heard good things, and they did not disappoint. They’ve been featured on the food network for their French toast plate, so we made sure to order one of those, an eggs Benedict, because was brunch without it, and we started off with bacon wrapped dates and truffle fries. So good!

Next, we took a short drive to Port Gamble for some kayaking. Port G is a quaint little old fashioned town with a general store and cute buildings. There was a wedding going on in the downtown square while we were there! 

Next, we headed back to Bainbridge for some shopping and dinner at Subi. Anytime we have sushi, we like to sit at the bar and chat with the chefs. We had a great time here.

It was so good to spend some time together without Sadie but, we were really missing her by the end of the day and we’re glad to get her back!

What are your favorite day dates?