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Tips for Flying with an Infant

flying with an infant

We just got back from a week long vacation to the homeland. It was a whirlwind of a trip, packed with family dinners, catching up with old friends, and a wedding!
The four month old went on her first plane ride and a couple mini road trips. We also had to deal with a two hour time difference, bustling houses filled with people during naps, and a new crib for sleeping. I was so nervous about the trip. Will she scream the whole flight? Will she catch someone’s sickness breathing all that recycled air? Will she get any sleep at all? Will she enjoy, or at least tolerate, meeting so many new people? Oh, did I mention she started teething while we were there?

As always, my baby girl was a trouper and for the most part, she did great! The man on our first flight even seemed to enjoy having us beside him, calling her a “Bonita pollo” over and over. I’d like to think we all learned a few things from this trip and will be more prepared for our next cross-country venture this winter. And because I’ve done this whole traveling with an infant thing once, and have a masters in googling “traveling with an infant”, here are my not so novel tips for those of you heading off soon!

1.  Book an early flight

Happy baby, happy life (or something like that). It’s been my experience that babies are happier in the mornings, before missed naps.

2.  Baby Wear

Throw that baby in your ergo the second you get to the airport and don’t take her out until take-off. She can stay on through security and you’ll have hands free to separate and send your stuff down the belt. Bonus points if she sleeps the whole time! Check out my favorite baby carriers

3.  Carry-on, carry-on, carry-on!

Maybe we’re just cheap over here, but I refuse to pay for checked luggage. If you don’t want to deal with finding room in the overhead bins, volunteer to gate check (fo’ free!) to “save space for other passengers.” Also, if your babe eats too fast and pukes ALL OVER your white shirt, you’ve easy access to a clean one! Don’t forget to make a joke about being a “changed woman” when you get back from the bathroom;)

4.  Get the Pack-n-Play

Originally, I figured we’d just bed share on our trip but, my mom convinced me we needed a pack-n-play and got one for us. As always, mother knows best! I loved having a safe place to plop Sadid down in for naps and bedtime!

5.  Go with the flow!

Realize that life will happen and the best thing to do sometimes is smile and let things go. You can always get back on a schedule when you get back home.

6.  Say yes!

Take advantage of every person who wants to hold/change/entertain the baby! Say yes and run to do something for yourself! I so enjoyed getting to do things sans the babe. Don’t get me wrong I love her and bringing her along, but some things are so much easier to do knowing she’s having fun with family!

Are you going on any trips soon? What’re your tips for traveling with a baby?



During the salmon run, John’s dad and Vera made the trip up to go fishing with us in the Sound. We learned a new fishing technique called “mooching.” It’s a technique unique to the PNW. According to our boat’s captain, they hold competition each year in hopes of keeping it alive (many people have abandoned mooching in favor of the more popular trolling method). Our captain was really knowledgeable about the local species, I enjoyed gleaning that information from him. It rained, hard, off and on throughout the day. We managed to catch three salmon that we could keep (4 would’ve been our limit), and see some other wildlife while we were out.


john fish


At our twenty week ultrasound we learned we have a healthy baby girl! She was doing great and moving around the whole time.



In November we visited Franklin Falls. It’s a short hike, and for the minimal effort you get a great view from the base of the fall.

franklin falls

For thanksgiving we headed over to Bainbridge again to spend time with the Harrison’s. We enjoyed a big meal, watched football, and played games on Thursday. Friday morning we had plans to drive out and pick out a Christmas tree together. We woke up to freezing rain, so the trip was shorter than expected as we rushed to find a tree. We did make it home with exactly what I was wanting despite the hurried search!

We had a low key December as I couldn’t travel far. We celebrated my birthday on Friday night, at home with my favorite meal, just the two of us.
John’s company Christmas Party was my actual birthday, so we got fancied up and headed into Seattle for that. We had a great time enjoying the casino, photo booth, caricatures, and food that was ever present.


With all the snow falling, I’d been begging John to take me to the mountains. So, we headed out for some light hiking for some exercise one weekend. I cannot remember where we went :/


On Christmas Eve, we had an early dinner and attended our new church’s Christmas Eve Service. Afterwards, we came back home for desserts and presents.

Christmas Day we woke up early and headed out to Crystal as fresh snow was falling so John could ski. I spent the day sipping hot chocolate and reading in the lodge. While it was a nice relaxing holiday, I’m looking forward to next year when we will be surrounded by our families and celebrating with our sweet little girl!