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Happy Friday 7/18/15


hey-o! It’s moving weekend! Who knew you could be so happy to move into a house without a kitchen sink or countertops;) I am so glad we will finally all be in one house instead of splitting our time between the house and apartment!

What are your weekend plans? Tell me, tell me!

Anyone else obsessed with all things French? No, just me? Okay well, still check out this collection of recipes.

I loved these ideas for a Digital detox! I’ve decided to implement the one charge rule for myself and am so excited:)

This tiny house, so cute!


Happy Friday 7/10/15


I unintentionally took a little blog break these past weeks. We’ve been working hard to finish up the house by the end of the month. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to! This weekend we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our downstairs floor so we can move in! Here’s to a great weekend:) ash

Have you heard of the bullet journal trend? I’ve always done something similar and am thinking of giving this a try!

pizza night inspiration

That’s all folks!