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Football Fall Wreath

It’s football season y’all! Without question, fall is my favorite time of year. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about Fall, the weather, the colors, the trees, the games, my heart smiles just thinking about it. Today, I want to share with you a simple wreath DIY to show off your team pride, without being too over the top!

Fall Football Wreath from

As you can see, my wreath is pretty big. I love the way it looks propped up with a bunch of beautiful maroon and yellow mums! It brings the perfect amount of fall decor into my home for September.

Living in the PNW has it’s advantages, 60 degree weather starting September 1st, but the growing season is much later here. As a result, pumpkins are still a way out but, as they start appearing on roadside stands, I’ll add a pumpkin stack and have the perfect fall entryway!

fall football wreath decor

Materials Needed

wreath form
paint + paint brush
felt squares in subtle team colors (I used maroon and tan so that it was a little more fall-y and a little less team-y)
hot glue
newspaper for painting


  • cut ribbon to length of wreath include “sag” for draping, add 4″ to allow for bows and gluing
  • decide how many letters you will need for your team’s name, fight cry, etc.
  • divide the length of your ribbon (minus the extra 4″ and any spaces you need to leave between words) by that number to determine the width your triangles need to be
  • measure, trace, and cut your triangles (I like the look of equilateral triangles for shorter banners so I made mine the same height as the width)
  • apply hot glue to the back of your ribbon and carefully place pendants on
  • lay your banner on top of the newspaper and paint on your lettering
  • while your paint is drying, make your flowers
  • rough cut circles in different sizes from your felt (mine are approximately 6, 4, and 2 inches, they don’t need to be perfect)
  • starting on one edge, spiral cut towards the center of each circle
  • hold each circle by the center, and fold up into flower shape
  • put a dab of hot glue on the back to secure
  • arrange banner and flowers on wreath and attach with hot glue

For the Flowers:

felt flower diy


I’m glad I got this up before our opening game this Saturday (BTHO ASU!)! Let me know if you make one! How do you decorate for fall and support your team?

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