How I KonMaried the Internet


A while back, I was feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and discontented. I realized those feelings were proportional to the time I spent on Facebook, insta, blogs, and Pinterest so I quit them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I did, if you find yourself in a similar boat. 

1-Clear Out Yout Phone

  • Delete the apps! For me, this included Facebook, Bloglovin, and Pinterest. I knew I didn’t want to give up Insta because it’s my favorite. Instead, I moved the app to a third page on my home scream by itself so I wouldn’t see it immediately when I unlocked my phone. 
  • Turn off notifications. For everything. I don’t get notifications for email, apps, or text messages. If I’m near my phone, I’ll hear it go off when I get a text, but if I’m not it’s not waiting on the screen when I pick up my phone and there’s no little red bubble next to my icons urging me to interact.


  • From stores. There’s really no need to be on an email list for your favorite stores. It just breeds discontentment. If I’m planning on going shopping, I’ll do a quick Google search for a discount code, but really, it’s worth it to me to pay full price for items and have a restful heart. 
  • From blogs. This one too if you need it! I am only subscribed to 4 blogs now. Huge decrease from my bloglovin account. I get email updates from these favorite blogs when a post is up which helps keep me from mindlessly checking. 


  • Originally I deactivated my Facebook, and I still think that’s a great option, at least for a time, but my family kinda flipped when all their Sadie pictures went away. Another alternative, and what I ended up with, is an extremely pared down friend list. At first, I only kept honest to goodness family. I had like 15 friends. Since then, I’ve added back a few of my closest friends and I’m happy with the list I now have. I can keep up to date with those I truly care about easily. While you’re at it unlike all those pages as they appear in your newsfeed. Only keep your favorites. For me, that’s The Kitchn, Real Simple, and Red Tricycle and I don’t “follow” them, so the post don’t show up in my feed, I seek them out when I care to. Same goes for insta. 

So that’s what I did. I now feel joy when I pop onto the internet. I use the mobile version of most websites even though apps are available. The mobile version is usually slower and less user friendly, which helps to naturally limit the time I waste scrolling. Now I have more time for family and housework and myself! 

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the Internet too?

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