Is this even a blog anymore? Not sure, but blog I shall. I was sitting on the couch, watching Sadie dance to “If you’re happy” and thought, gee wonder what’s happening over on the ol’ blog. So here I am, rambling away…

Currently, my hands smell like this stuff. Which is fine by me, because there are far worse things. I love this stuff, and it’s basically lamp oil. I bought it last summer and it looks like it’s brand new. Maybe that says more about my laundry habits than the soap, but whatevs… buy it, use it for all your delicates, and anytime you feel like hand washing. I think you can use it HE machines, too.

Peanut butter, the old fashioned kind with palm oil and sugar circa 1995. I’ve been eating straight from the jar, but you do you.

Dreaming of summer and barefoot weather. (#pnwwinterisblah) convincing myself there’s a flat spot big enough for this pool for the 2 weeks of summer we’re sure to get eventually.

We got Sadie this game for her birthday. She basically thinks we walk on water now and wants to play it nonstop. Fortunately, she can pretty much play by herself because the illustrations are so good .

Life lately-






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This Thursday is our first venture into liturgical celebrations, unless you count a half attempt at advent and lent just passed, which I don’t. Anyway, Thursday is Michaelmas and I had to do lots of research because, embarrassingly, I didn’t even know who Michael was. If you find yourself in the same situation, he’s the angel that defeats Satan during the battle in heaven, among other things.


Rumor has is that when Satan was thrown from heaven, he landed in a blackberry bush. Michaelmas day is generally regarded as the last day to pick blackberries as afterwards they will taste bitter. We’ll be having blackberry cobbler after supper, reading Revelation 12, listening to this playlist, and maybe going to see if the blackberry vines have anything left on them. Unlikely.


Have you ever celebrated Michaelmas? Pray tell!