perfectionism in minimalism


I’ve had a wish list of clothing on my phone for well over 3 years. It’s what I’m supposed to do to be a conscious consumer. Never shop without a list, know exactly what you’re looking for, stick to your list. I have a minimal wardrobe, 10 tops, 5 bottoms, a handful of dresses and shoes. It’s what you’re supposed to do to simplify your morning routine and feel great about yourself. But here’s the thing, I’m still not content with my closet. I know, if I I just dropped 1k on everything on my list, then I’d be happy. I’d feel good about what I’m putting on my body. I’d have the perfect minimalist closet. All my clothes would fit perfect, coordinate well, look adorable, and simultaneously fill the world with rainbows while solving the national debt crisis (is that even a thing anymore? I should skimm it).


I tend to get caught up in perfectionism and forget about the number one rule of conscious consumerism; use up what you have. Oops. I also have a mild obsession with getting rid of things. Perhaps, that’s not so bad. It helps to keep my house from becoming cluttered. Well, that’s the goal anyway. Reality is that I have piles of junk in every room of my house. Occasionally, the pile is actually full of useful stuff, like my clean clothes. Please tell me I’m not the only grown woman with a floor-drobe.


As I may have mentioned, I recently finished reading Loving My Actual Life. Taking a cue from Alex, I’m going to spend the next month focusing on appreciating my actual life. Throughout August, I’m going to spend my time wearing my clothes in new ways that will hopefully make me excited about them. I’m going to try to shift my mindset to one of gratitude for the multitude of items I have to choose from and be grateful that I’m not living with only what I had on my back as I fled with my children from war and oppression. It’s my desire that, come the end of this month, I will be overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have (including the sweetest weed bouquet picked by Sadie) and that I will have decreased my desire for perfection.

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