Transitional Winter Decor

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I’ve always been a “Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving kinda girl,” until now… Some combination of the baby, the rain, the cold, and the ever fading daylight has me wanting to fill the house with Christmas. John’s still planted firmly on the it’s too early fence, but I’ve managed to sneak some things in under the guise of “transitional winter” or “just because.”

This season, I’m channeling my inner Scandinavian and focusing on natural decor in a neutral color scheme. 

Here are my three tips for affordable seasonal decorations. 

  1. Choose a neutral color scheme, allowing you to reuse items you already have. For me, I’m using white and natural greenery, everyday cups and bowls become vases for tree clippings. 
  2. Take a hike! No really, go for a walk around your neighborhood armed with a pair of scissors. When you pass a beautiful evergreen or some holly clip a piece or two to work into an arrangement!
  3. Embrace a rustic vibe! The cost of wreath forms absolutely astounds me. For simple wreaths some string and yard clippings is all you need. By being okay with less than perfect circles, I can really increase the greenery to house ratio around here!
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